After graduating from high school in electronics at lycée technique, Zacharia Tiemtoré studied sociology at the university of Ouagadougou. After completing his master, he went to France, at the University of Rennes, where he earned successively a DEA (Master of advanced studies) in politics and education practices, and a PhD science education.

He worked as an animator and journalist at the national broadcasting of Burkina Faso from 1994 to 2001. He chaired the Committee on Employment, Social and Cultural Affairs at the National Assembly (Burkina Faso), and was a member of the Committee on Education, Communication and Cultural Affairs (CECAC) of the Parliamentary  Assembly  of La Francophonie (APF).

In 2011, while being the CEO of IAM (Institut Africain de Management), one of the top business schools in francophone west Africa, he was appointed Minister in charge of Literacy in Burkina Faso. He served his country for two years, at a tumultuous moment in the socio-political history of Burkina Faso, initiating and implementing, in particular, an unprecedented campaign that helped to literate 70,000 people in four months!

In July 2016, Zacharia Tiemtoré earned his master’s degree in politics and development management at the prestigious school Science Po, in Paris. His work, which focused on developing a strategy to overcome illiteracy in Burkina Faso, was congratulated by the jury.

He is currently pursuing new challenges in the field of development and human security, while putting his competencies at the service of companies and organizations that appreciate his hard-working, results-oriented, high sense of organization, planning, attention to detail, and his ability to solve complex problems.